‘Taking care of tomorrow’s environment today’


Since 1989, Aqua-Ag Ltd has provided innovative and effective solutions to difficult aquatic weed problems. Projects range in scope from small private ponds to lakes, rivers, estuaries and mudflats.

Aqua-Ag utilises specially designed spray-craft for the control of submerged weeds in waterways.

 Aqua-Ag now owns and operates several watercraft including:
● Two flat hull airboats 
● One Amphibian Airboat
● One Jetboat

 In addition we utilise numerous spray pumping and granual application systems. The airboats are fitted with Garmin Sounder, Tee Jet GPS and Tee Jet Flowmeter.


Aqua-Ag has been applying Diquat (Reglone Torpedo) herbicide in the North Island lakes for the control of submerged weeds, working with the Department of Conservation, N.I.W.A., L.I.N.Z., Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Mighty River Power, South Waikato District Council, Biosecurity NZ, Trustpower, Hamilton City Council,and Whakatane District Council from 1990 to the present.


From 1990 Aqua-Ag has also been applying herbicide from an amphibian airboat for the control of:
• Alligator Weed
• Manchurian Wild Rice
• Spartina Grass
• Yellow Flag Iris
• Pampas Grass
• Water Lily
• Parrot’s Feather
• Grey and Crack Willow
• Senegal Tea